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Kristin van Tilburg

I am the Founder of the LOVE Mindset Mastery Community. Our mission is to build a global community of women who collaborate together to create a world where LOVE prevails.

We recognize that a mindset based in unconditional LOVE brings us into alignment with life’s benevolent nature.

We are creating a peaceful world that offers unlimited co-creative possibility for all while honoring diversity.

We embrace differences knowing that differences create variety and flavor in life.

We hold a perspective on conflict as a means to expand into greater oneness, and a call to shift into higher perspectives on our circumstances.


Perhaps the best way to begin to describe my journey is to share the defining moment in my life that got me to where I am today. I woke up one morning in the summer of 2005 and simply couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t escape acknowledging that I was depressed and that my life was no longer working. Though I enjoyed a career that looked incredible on paper, my heart was no longer in it.

  • It wasn’t enough that I was working with the political leaders of a major metropolitan area in the heart of the decision-making process.
  • It wasn’t enough that I owned my own home.
  • It wasn’t enough that I had a wonderful daughter and had been a successful single mother.
  • It wasn’t enough to be fueled by the dreams and desires of my past.

I could no longer ignore my intuition telling me that I needed to do something else.

  • I needed to be in a career that allowed my creativity to flourish.
  • I needed to work in a field where the core values were more linked to my own.
  • I needed to work with people and to continue to grow as a person.
  • I needed to use my gifts and talents to provide transformational experiences for women on the path with me.

front smallSo after a year of procrastinating and living in fear of giving up the only career I knew, I finally decided to spend my free time writing my first book and to take the time I needed to figure out where my intuition would lead me. I completed and published my first book, Four Mouths to Feed: A Living Lean Guide to Fulfillment in 2006. You can find it on Amazon here:



In allowing myself to be in a space where anything was possible, I was able to reconnect to my deepest dreams and desires. I was no longer content to merely survive, I was ready to thrive! I realized that my purpose is to make a difference in the world by connecting and staying present with myself and others, while continuing to grow and to stay on my own individual path.


  • It would be enough for me to teach people how to awaken the co-creative potential with life.
  • It would be enough to flourish in a career that connected with my life’s purpose.
  • It would be enough to define success on my own terms.
  • It would be enough to be free and live as a self-employed entrepreneur.

And so I came to create my consulting practice, where my mission became teaching others to become co-creators with life while manifesting their deepest dreams and desires, just as I was doing. Now I feel like I’ve been a consultant all my life and feel blessed to call consulting my career.


My daughter is grown, and has given me a wonderful grandson, Krystopher, who was born in 2009. He is my best coach for happiness and joy in life.

Who knew being a grandmother would be so much fun? People talk about how great it is, but until you experience it for yourself, you really just don’t know how big your heart can stretch!


HeinzI had a wonderful, inspiring, bold and sexy life partner who supported my work and loved me no matter what. He was an expert horseman who opened me up to a world I never before experienced. Sadly, I lost him in March of 2017.

The process of grieving this loss has given me an experience of unconditional LOVE which has enriched my life and my work.

And now I am privileged to be here with all of you, about to embark on a journey into the power of unconditional LOVE which has the potential to shatter your glass ceiling and support you to actualize your fullest potential. I am so grateful!


My Path

I have a BS in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas.  I graduated with honors from a two year training program where I worked personally with Jeddah Mali to become a spiritual facilitator for advanced consciousness programming. As I started to work with people myself, I was excited to know first-hand that this type of spiritual consulting really works. I also learned how to develop curriculum tailored to the needs of my individual clients.

This training greatly contributed to the current success of my practice. I have continued to further my education by taking numerous classes, workshops and trainings. I am certified in the process of the transformation of identity through Feminine Power Coaching. I am a certified Tapping into Wealth Coach because, let’s face it, having enough money to do what you want to do is a freedom we all long for!

I have learned how to work with my clients in a way that produces powerful results in a relatively short period of time. Using EFT and my own process called Vibrational Restructuring, I teach women how to become conscious co-creators with life.

My Mission

1285842_8_handsMy mission is to build a global community of women who are creating a peaceful world that offers unlimited possibility for all. I am here to teach awakening women how to work with the fundamentals of conscious living to become co-creators with life,  while actualizing their full inner potential to manifest the life of their dreams.

Your dreams are the distilled essence of your purpose in life. These deep passionate desires are the guidepost for how you are to use your co-creative abilities. False beliefs contract and compress the co-creative potential of your true nature and manifest as a life lived in frustration and discontent. As you learn to eliminate these false beliefs you re-discover your potential to co-create with the limitless possibilities of life, and you are able to realize your dreams one next step at a time.

LOVE Mindset Mastery Community is intended to be a sacred container for awakening women to congregate and revitalize through evolutionary partnerships. Welcome to our community. We are so glad to have you here!

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