Are you feeling the Monday morning blues?

Do you lack motivation move forward toward your goals?

Read on to shift that vibration…

The feelings you have about Sunday nights

and Monday morning are the result of thoughts you have.

As much as it may seem that the circumstances

which are so unsatisfying

are what is causing you unhappiness,

the empowering truth is

your feelings are result of your thoughts.

Not your circumstances.

Why is this empowering?

Because you can change your thoughts in any moment.

As much as circumstances can dictate what you encounter

What you experience will arise from what you think

About what you encounter.

Your life arises from the source of all life

And you can experience that wholeness

if you know how to think the thoughts of wholeness.

Thoughts of wholeness are free of judgment.

Good and bad are lost within the wholeness. Can you see how this thought frees you?

It frees you to stand in this moment of now

Fully awake

Fully alive

Fully present

To what is right here, right now

No matter whether the calendar

Is telling you it is Monday morning

Or Sunday night

Or any other day

Or any other time

You are right here, right now.

Are you breathing?

Is breathing on your “to do” list?

Is there plenty of air?

Are you worried there is not enough air to breathe today?

No? You aren’t worried about breathing today?

Take a moment, and appreciate that fact!

Is your heart beating?

Is beating your heart on your “to do” list?

No, right?

If your breath is breathing, and your heart is beating, you have what you need.

Take another moment, and appreciate that fact.

Be grateful.

Right here and right now.

No matter how challenging your circumstances,

Life is a precious gift.

Now, what else is possible? Are you going to try to figure that out?

I have a suggestion.

Try listening.

Ask the question:

“What else is possible for me today?”

Then listen for a while.

Just see what happens

When you let go of figuring everything out.

Let the part of you that knows lead the way.

This can make the difference between just another Monday morning

And the start of an exciting adventure

With the part of you that knows behind the wheel

And your mind in the back seat, where it belongs.


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