We live in a chaotic disrupted world....
We live in a chaotic disrupted world….

There are lots of articles appearing now about handling holiday stress because it is such a common problem. We are bombarded with subliminal messages about making the holidays wonderful, and we have our own internal standards of what it takes to celebrate the holidays. We are preparing for a holiday season during a deeply chaotic time when all our safety mechanisms are being severely challenged by disruptions in the fabric of life itself.

One of the main messages is to focus on others and forget about yourself, and this is where I draw a line in the sand and say “NO.” Deepak Chopra’s website has an otherwise great article on managing holiday stress here:

But #2 on his list is think less about yourself, and more about others. I was surprised to see this, and I disagree. It is by nurturing yourself that you maintain your connection to the true source of LOVE.

Our breath connects us to cycles in nature and opens the door to reconnecting with our essence...
Our breath connects us to cycles in nature and opens the door to reconnecting with our essence…

The magic of the holidays is to found primarily within. Not in shopping, not in decorating, not in cooking, not in parties. The holiday magic we all seek is to be found in bathing in our own light. This is done by listening to your feelings and needs and doing your best to honor them. It is done by making your meditation or contemplation time a high priority. And it is done by living in the present moment so that the light that is always available can be consciously embraced. It is done by stopping to take a conscious breath, a moment of inspiration, when the busyness and to do lists get to be too much.


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