Nature teaches us about cycles of life...
Nature teaches us about cycles of life…

Nature teaches us to live our lives in rhythms: day and night, new moon to full moon and back to new moon, and the cycles of the seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter. Underlying all these rhythms is the constancy of change. As we move into the rhythms of life we allow change and find the harmony in the flow, rather than attempting to cling to what came before. We learn to exist in the present moment, allowing the beauty that always resides there to nurture and fulfill us.

We live in a chaotic disrupted world....
We live in a chaotic disrupted world….

Times are chaotic now. The energy of disruption is causing old structures that no longer meet the current standards of love and harmony to crumble away. We are all impacted by this disruption. Each of us is called into the review of our ways of being, invited to gently upgrade. When this call goes unheeded we can expect the energy of disruption to come along and provide support. We cannot take old structures into these new ways of being.

It’s practical to expect these cycles and rhythms to impact us, and knowing how to say “yes” to these new rhythms and cycles provides a way back into flow when we find that conscious or unconscious resistance to change has led us into a disruptive experience.  Fortunately our guide back into harmony is right there, right in front of our noses, literally! Our guides is our breath.

Our breath connects us to cycles in nature and opens the door to reconnecting with our essence...
Our breath connects us to cycles in nature and opens the door to reconnecting with our essence…

Our breath is Life’s promise to us that we are here for a reason, that our lives are intended by the creative source of all life. So when we find ourselves feeling disrupted, shaky, irritable, frustrated, angry…all the lower frequency emotions which creep into our experience when we have resisted some experience, the breath is right there to guide us back into a flow state.

When you feel disruption of any kind use it as a reminder to reconnect with the breath. Focus on noticing your chest rising and falling. When you check in with the breath notice if you are breathing high in your chest, or more deeply into the abdomen. See if you can allow a deeper breath without forcing yourself.

Heaven on Earth arises from an alignment with your essence...the truth of your being
Heaven on Earth arises from an alignment with your essence…the truth of your being

Often just the act of awareness, noticing the breath, allows it to gently deepen. You can take a deep conscious deliberate breath as well, which is a type of reset. Remind yourself that you are safe. Soothe and nurture yourself with your intention. Acknowledge any parts of yourself which are upset or imbalanced. Notice any conversations which may be going on in parts of yourself.

Look for inner conversations that are expressing lack, danger, scarcity, and look for the source of those conversations. Often a false belief is being expressed: “I am not enough. I am not worthy. I am not lovable. These beliefs were formed during our first seven years when our conscious mind was wide open and accepted any message sent to it. Caregivers unconsciously gave us these messages. As we become conscious we no longer need to be governed by them.

We arise from wholeness...
We arise from wholeness…

As you notice that one or more of these old beliefs have been triggered simply intervene with the truth. “I am always connected to the creative source of all life. I am loved because I am born of love, created with love, sustained by love. I am love. I am woven strands of light expressing in the world of form.” Use words of truth that resonate deeply with you.

Using your breath and these phrases of truth allow yourself to bask in their coherent warmth. Breathe and relax into the truth, allowing yourself to drift back into a harmonic rhythm. Then begin to ask yourself a question that leads to empowered action. Such a question might begin this way: “How can I….” or “I wonder how I can ….”

Being conscious of LOVE's eternal presence
Being conscious of LOVE’s eternal presence

In this warm and loving way you can bring yourself back into harmony and move ahead with your day in empowered and inspired action. This takes practice, but it is the path to conscious co-creation and the “heaven on earth” experience we all enjoy so much.

There are five keys to conscious co-creation. I discuss them in this handy checklist:

The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

When you begin to say “yes” to life, to allow life to be exactly as it is, you open the door to  the ability to co-create your life. That is why I want to invite you to download my checklist The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-creation. This checklist enables you to assess your co-creation skills.

Key #1 is the ultimate stress reducer: eliminate exhaustion and overwhelm

Key #2 makes change smooth and effortless

Key #3 causes anxiety to dissolve in mere seconds, allowing you to rest in the peace that passes all understanding

Key #4 reconnects you to your passion for living

Key #5 opens the door to the experience of beauty, and why you are desperate for it

What are your experiences with handling experiences of disruption and moving back into harmony? Do you have a method that works well for you?

Please share in the comments below! I would love to hear about it!


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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post today, Kristin! Just what I needed to read today!

    1. I’m excited to know that this post resonated with you, Vicki!

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