More and more the phrase “Heaven on Earth” is showing up in the world. Just yesterday I spoke with Martin Rutte, Founder of Project Heaven on Earth.

On this site Martin, and all your other favorite transformational leaders, answer 3 powerful questions designed to help you identify your role on the Heaven on Earth team. Go check it out, and discover for yourself if you are on the team!

Martin and I were discussing how “Heaven on Earth” as a phrase is a kind of activation code. If you are on the team, when you hear that phrase it grabs your attention. You resonate with it. You have had your own unique experiences of Heaven on Earth and you know from those experiences that Heaven on Earth is already available, and that as we come together and share about these experiences, the reality of Heaven on Earth becomes more easily accessible to everyone. Heaven on Earth is how life is supposed to be.

Did you feel like a stranger in a strange land?
Did you feel like a stranger in a strange land?

For those on the team the reality of Heaven on Earth makes sense. Many of us knew as young children we were different. We felt like “strangers in a strange land.” The gifts and talents that are part of our inherent uniqueness set us apart from family and friends. Most of us had to learn to hide our inner light, and protect our inner knowing of the truth our being. Our dreams and visions of Heaven on Earth were not accepted.

Everyone around us was living in fear. Our ability to trust in LOVE and live in LOVE was severely tested. We adopted beliefs and survival strategies that made it possible for us to live in fear-based environments, but it never felt like home.

The fear that is so prevalent in mass consciousness is simply a product of our collective forgetting of our ability to co-create Heaven on Earth. Life is so simple in a world where LOVE prevails. Our differences and the diversity of expression is transformed from a threat into our greatest joy. As we learn to co-create Heaven on Earth our differences make life interesting and we find ways to allow each other to be different and appreciate the fullness of creative self-expression.

Imagine yourself playing in the Garden of Eden....
Imagine yourself playing in the Garden of Eden….

From there is not a big leap to imagine the Garden of Eden, the original Heaven on Earth. A place of innocence where there is no judgment to interrupt the creative flow of life energy, and the sense of deep inner connection to LOVE, the expansive, light-filled, harmonious being at the center of all creation.

As we normalize the experience of Heaven of Earth and move through the world in this deep feeling of connection and LOVE we become beacons of light to all those we encounter. Without any need to change anyone or anything, but to simply move through life radiating your calm assurance of the truth of your being, you serve everyone and everything you contact.

I am grateful you are here, and I invite you to heed the call to join the Heaven on Earth team! This is accomplished simply by accessing the knowing in your heart that Heaven on Earth is your reality, and then saying “yes” to the experience of it over and over, no matter the circumstances in the external world where you may find yourself.

Many blessings.


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  1. Hi Kristin.

    I’m not sure how I came upon your site earlier today, but we are definitely on the same team, Heaven on Earth. I’ve just begun checking out your site and absolutely love your birthing story. What a great analogy.

    I thought I’d take the time to tell you how I am connected and how I am co-creating Heaven on Earth.

    I met Martin Rutte a few years ago in Prince Edward Island, where I was residing at the time. I attended a small workshop on Co-Creating Heaven on Earth in Charlottetown and was immediately connected to Martin and his project. With that in mind, I quickly declared myself as part of the team and within a very short time frame, I had filled a seminar room in Summerside – far exceeding the numbers received by our Business Women’s Network in Charlottetown. My husband and I toured Martin around our small city, meeting as many people as we could, and we made a small video capturing some of the moments. We were very excited about creating PEI as the (first) Heaven on Earth Province.

    I’ve been back in B.C. now for a couple of years, but still stay connected with Martin through facebook and the odd email. I am living/being my own “Heaven on Earth” with my creation of the GEM Project – Giving Empowering Moments – a global movement for gratitude on the planet through giving and receiving and paying it forward. We are changing the world (and co-creating Heaven on Earth) one heart and one GEM at a time.

    I have been on hold with the project as I have been experiencing some intense shifts in my own awakening and consciousness that have required some drastic changes and some deep, compassionate self-care.

    I felt called to respond to you after reading your birthing story but continued to read a bit more – which lead me to this space and time.

    I have a strong feeling we are meant to connect.

    You can reach me via email or by phone at 778-533-1345.

    Thanks so much for being the shining light you are! I look forward to “meeting” a kindred spirit.

    Have a fabulous evening!

    Wendy Foster

    1. I am so excited to see you here, Wendy! Come back often!

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