How is the experience of Heaven on Earth possible during these chaotic times?
How is the experience of Heaven on Earth possible during these chaotic times?

The chaos and disruption so prevalent in our world is creating an experience of sharp contrast between the idea of heaven, and the idea of earth. How, then, is an experience of heaven on earth possible?

Unfortunately, the gift of experiencing heaven on earth is not accessible to many people, but the truth is, the experience of heaven on earth is freely available to all.

The challenging part is choosing to access this experience.

The external world is mesmerizing to us. The information provided by our 5 senses: sight, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling is overwhelmingly compelling. For many people the external world is their definition of reality, the only reality as far as they are concerned. Events in the external world that are chaotic, violent, disruptive, etc., inspire fear reactions. We feel our safety and security are threatened. Typically these fear reactions inspire lower frequency experiences such as anger, frustration, disappointment, overwhelm, etc.

Heaven on Earth arises from an alignment with your essence...the truth of your being
Heaven on Earth arises from an alignment with your essence…the truth of your being

The experience of Heaven on Earth begins within, and once it is known within, it can be experienced externally. Those with the ability to go within and connect energetically with the higher frequencies of Heaven on Earth no matter the circumstances in the external world are those who are called to the Heaven on Earth “team.”

What do I mean by “higher frequencies of Heaven on Earth?”

Everything is energy. Science has demonstrated this to us beyond any doubt. We experience energy as frequencies. So every experience has an energetic frequency. Joy, Peace, Bliss, Harmony, Expansion, Compassion, Kindness and many more are frequencies that are in the realm of what we know as heaven. Anxiety, doubt, guilt, shame, and many more are lower frequency energies commonly associated with the material world. When human beings open to receive experiences of higher frequency energy this is what is known as  experiencing Heaven on Earth.

So we are energy, and it is no surprise that as energetic constructs there is a sacred order to our being. Sacred geometry expresses these energetic constructs in patterns and shapes that we recognize.

As you may know, I have been having a persistent vision of the Heaven on Earth t-shirt, and after doing my best to ignore the vision, I finally created one and began to make it available. I used a piece of original art that was created for me by my dear friend and client, Matthu Zephyr. This is the piece:

Heaven on Earth

I had asked Matthu to do a piece for me that used Metatron’s Cube. Metatron is an Archangel of the highest order and Metatron’s Cube is a symbolic representation of the energies of Metatron. It is fundamentally a template for spirit expressing itself as matter.

The interlocking triangles represent the ascending frequencies of matter reaching toward heaven, and the descending frequencies of LOVE reaching into matter. So Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometric rendering of the energy of Heaven on Earth.

Today I thought I would share with you what Matthu wrote to me about this piece:

“Metatron is touching Earth below and also touching Heaven Above. The new sliver crescent of Moon was in conjunction with Venus on the evening that I completed this piece. I saw the Moon and Venus together as the sun set in the West. I included what I had observed in the piece.

The border was inspired by some of my research about Archangel Metatron. It is said that Metatron has One Million Mouths. Each mouth is able to speak a different language, so the border became my interpretation of all those mouths!

I also read somewhere that Metatron has 36 feathered wings. My layers of feathery clouds were inspired by Metatron’s wings. The words invoke the qualities of Metatron most evident to me: Love, Courage, Peace, Magick, Alchemy and Unity.

This piece is a wonderful talisman and metaphysical tool to aid in the recreating of your reality into whatever your heart desires.”

So I believe this powerful talisman is the perfect symbol for the Heaven on Earth team, the team of conscious co-creators that we are, to wear. In the wearing of it we not only remind ourselves that we are constantly consciously co-creating Heaven on Earth, or we have slipped into unconscious co-creation, and we can choose to wake up and remember who we are in every present moment.

See 4
Use the LOVE grids as a foundation for your perspective in every challenging situation…

And as a point of service, in wearing this powerful talisman you have a tool that communicates our deep shared desire to live in a world where LOVE prevails, and as we use our freedom of choice to consciously co-create Heaven on Earth we are strengthening the energetic grids of LOVE. Those who are ready to receive the LOVE being transmitted by this talisman will be stimulated by it, whether they are conscious of it or not.

I would love to have a selection of t-shirts with original art that communicate the Heaven on Earth identity. Diversity in unity is one of our tenets, so it is impossible that one t-shirt would express Heaven on Earth for everyone. If you are an artist with a piece that support the vision, I would love to collaborate with you and expand the collection!

So here is an image of the shirt. It is also available on white fabric. It is available for purchase here:

This image reflects the LOVE inherent in the phrase "Heaven on Earth"
This image reflects the LOVE inherent in the phrase “Heaven on Earth”

I would love to have your feedback and comments. Are you ready to join the team?


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