I am birthing myself into conscious awareness of LOVE's eternal presence
I am birthing myself into conscious awareness of LOVE’s eternal presence

I’ve been meditating on the experience of co-creating Heaven on Earth and I realize I am birthing myself into this consciousness. I am being born into this higher frequency way of being one conscious choice at a time. And the term “birth” is quite apt. There are some really interesting parallels between birthing the consciousness of Heaven on Earth and the experience of giving birth to my daughter at home in 1984.

I started noticing that something was going on with my body the evening before my daughter’s birth. It was approximately 4 weeks before my due date, so I did not give the situation too much of my focused attention. Being 8 months pregnant, I was used to mild discomfort. I assumed I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions. I slept off and on through the night, but as the dawn came it did seem as though the contractions were more regular, and there were other signs that a progression was occurring.

Pregnant 3
It was too soon for labor to be beginning…

At 7 AM I called the midwife and told her what I was experiencing. She suggested I come to her home. She said she was willing to check my body, but she, too, thought what I was experiencing was Braxton-Hicks contractions. It was too early for labor to be beginning.

My husband drove me to the midwife’s home, which was about a 20 minute ride from our location. I was feeling some concern because if the baby was coming it appeared it was coming too soon. But as soon as the midwife checked she told me that my cervix was already dilated to 3 cm. My baby was definitely coming. She did some measuring and more checking and said that the baby appeared to be around 6 pounds, and she felt the baby was big enough for me to proceed with a home birth.

She suggested I remain in her home for the birth because her home was located only 2 minutes away from Seton Hospital, and should any complications arise, I could be in a hospital very, very quickly. Once all this was decided, my body appeared to receive an “all systems go” signal, and labor intensified.

Dilation is a process of allowing....
Dilation is a process of allowing….

This initial phase of labor, called “dilation,” has an interesting parallel with the initial aspect of the co-creating Heaven on Earth “birth” experience.  During the dilation phase the instruction to the laboring woman is to relax, breathe, and allow the body to open. You can’t control natural childbirth, nor can you manipulate it, or dominate it. It must be allowed. It must be surrendered to. It is a very intense process, most women feel at least some, if not all, of the labor process is challenging and unpleasant. It is easy to fall into resistance to it.

Likewise, the “dilation” phase of giving birth to the consciousness of Heaven on Earth is intense, and some of it is unpleasant. Over and over circumstances will occur that trigger strong emotional reactions in you. These situations are opportunities to learn to shift your focus from the unwanted experience back into LOVE’s eternal presence. But because the feelings surrounding the triggering events are often intense and unpleasant, there is a tendency to resist the process. Unfortunately, resistance only serves to slow the process down, and lengthen the experience of suffering as old beliefs and habit behavior patterns come up into consciousness for release.

As you learn to place your consciousness in the frequencies of LOVE and hold it there no matter the circumstances, you are doing the work of the dilation phase. You are opening your conscious awareness to LOVE’s eternal presence. And while it may not seem so, all your experiences, even these unpleasant triggering events, are supporting you in this intention.

On the day of my daughter’s birth, between the hours of 7 am and noon, for 5 seemingly endless hours, I practiced surrendering and allowing the process of dilation to occur. By noon I was ready to give up. The sensations were intense and unpleasant. The contractions were coming more frequently and lasting longer.

I felt like giving up....
I felt like giving up….

I didn’t want to do it anymore! Apparently this experience is common for women in transition, so the midwife did another check. Sure enough, my cervix was completely dilated and it was time to transition into the next phase, something much more vigorous than the “allowing” of the dilation phase. It was time to push.

The co-creating Heaven on Earth process has a pushing phase as well. This is the time when your identity (who you think you are) has significantly detached from the old patterns of survival. Consciously you have become clear that old ways of thinking about yourself, life and others no longer fit with your experience of the truth of your being.

The push, as we continue with the birth metaphor, is about using the power of your clear intention to push and anchor your identity into higher frequency levels of your being. It is a conscious shift from reactions like anger, blame, frustration, and irritation to higher frequency experiences like compassion, acceptance, surrender, serenity and peace.

For me, these higher frequency levels of being can be characterized as being LOVE. I am not speaking of saccharin sentimentality. Nor am I speaking about affection. Nor am I speaking about co-dependent attachment (you complete me). Nor am I speaking about infatuation or lust.

Being conscious of LOVE's eternal presence
Being conscious of LOVE’s eternal presence

What is LOVE? LOVE is pure consciousness expressing itself, and this occurs both in physical and non-physical dimensions. Consciousness can be characterized by 3 fundamental qualities: expansion, light and harmony. And these 3 fundamental qualities combine in various ways to create all the higher frequency qualities such as trust, compassion, kindness, generosity, and so many, many more.

In the “pushing” phase of birthing Heaven on Earth in one’s own experience, we use intention to situate ourselves and construct an identity which is born of these higher frequency qualities. This LOVE that you are is a unifying force which unconditionally accepts all form as it is, without judgment.

Unity 4And this, of course, is one of the major challenges to co-creating Heaven on Earth. To live in unconditional LOVE, one must surrender one’s judgments. And this is a process. After years of living as though your life depends on judging everything and being right about it, now the challenge is to lay down every judgment that arises, and to choose unconditional LOVE in each present moment.

A few of us somehow seem to “pop” into this kind of surrendered seeing of wholeness, this unconditional LOVE. Most of us have to practice over and over, choosing LOVE rather than any other perception. Most of us have to practice noticing perceptions that are not LOVing, releasing these unloving perceptions consciously, and freely choosing the higher frequency perceptions available through the frequencies of LOVE.

When my daughter was born, the pushing phase lasted 37 minutes. These were difficult minutes, challenging minutes, but satisfying because progress was swift, and I knew I would be meeting my baby soon. The midwives delivered her head and shoulders, and then they instructed me to reach down, grab her arms, and pull the rest of her body out of my body. Once free, I was instructed to immediately lay her over my heart.

We were both mesmerized by the radiant perfection of our tiny daughter....
We were both mesmerized by the radiant perfection of our tiny daughter….

As I did that, everything faded out of my perception except my baby. There was a lot going on around me. The midwives were busy, my body was still completing the birth process. But I barely noticed any of it. My world had shrunk to gazing into the eyes of my baby, which were gazing at me. There was no crying. She was a peaceful, content, LOVE-filled being of light and her radiance was dazzling. Her father and I were captivated by her presence, mesmerized by her perfection, and we remained that way for somewhere around 30 minutes. This photo was taken by my dear friend, Diane Elrod, moments after my daughter, Joy, was born.

That was 30 minutes of Heaven on Earth for me. Despite everything going on through me and around me, I experienced Heaven on Earth. Everything was perfect. Everything was whole. Nothing was missing. There was no desire. There was complete and utter fulfillment.

Eventually the time came when various physical demands had to be attended to, and the moment, though eternal on one level, passed in terms of the physical. But I realize now, as I choose over and over to anchor my consciousness into LOVE’s eternal presence, that the truth of that moment is still available to me. While my focus shifted into more physical concerns, the LOVE that I experienced never changed, or faded away. I didn’t lose it or disconnect from it. It is still there. LOVE is always present. There are many varied access points. We each have our own. But LOVE is eternal.

baby feet 2
The LOVE is still present….

When I look at the photographs that my dear friend took of our little family in that moment I see the power and the beauty. I see the LOVE. And when I allow myself to be in that place of remembering, the LOVE is still present, endless and unchanging. LOVE is always here, always, all ways, available to you. The question is “Will you allow LOVE’s eternal presence into your awareness right now, and now, and now?”

LOVE never leaves us. That is simply not possible. Nothing exists outside LOVE’s presence. But our focus can leave LOVE. Life gives us that freedom to place our focus wherever we want it to be. Most of us are unaware of that power to place our focus, and so we focus unconsciously on areas of our experience which are not what we are desiring for ourselves.

It is this focus on the external world, this fascination with the feedback provided by our senses, the unconscious identification with what has been created by our unconscious focus that is perpetuated. We experience lack and scarcity and feel disappointed by life.

Co-creating Heaven on Earth is the process of learning to remain in the frequencies of LOVE’s presence whilst experiencing the density of life in a physical form. To become a conscious co-creator with life we learn to focus on the LOVE we already are, and to create from and through the eternal presence of that wholeness. In that wholeness there is no lack, no scarcity, nothing missing. Only endless fulfillment, joy and pleasure.

We arise from wholeness...
We create from wholeness…

As we create from wholeness our experience of the external world becomes whole, perfect, and complete. This is Heaven on Earth. You arise from that wholeness. And like me, life has given you glimpses of its perfection. So pull those experiences into your awareness, and focus on them. Open to receive the LOVE that lies there waiting for you to claim it, own it, embrace it, surrender to it. Practice this skill until it becomes present in the background of all of your other doing. Do nothing but live as LOVE, and watch your external world transform.

Conscious Co-Creation is a skill that must be developed in order for you to learn to live in Heaven on Earth. When you begin to say “yes” to life, to allow life to be exactly as it is, you open the door to  the ability to co-create your life. That is why I want to invite you to download my checklist The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-creation. Click here to join our community and download the checklist.

This checklist enables you to assess your co-creation skills.

The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

Key #1 is the ultimate stress reducer: eliminate exhaustion and overwhelm

Key #2 makes change smooth and effortless

Key #3 causes anxiety to dissolve in mere seconds, allowing you to rest in the peace that passes all understanding

Key #4 reconnects you to your passion for living

Key #5 opens the door to the experience of beauty, and why you are desperate for it

So give yourself the gift today of assessing your co-creating skills, and join our community of Awakening Women to receive the love and support available in our sacred container. Please leave questions or comments. I love to connect with you!


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