We all have desires, and there are those who say that desire is the basis of suffering…that we should be free of desire to live a joyful life. But that is not my experience.

I discovered I still have dreams for a happy life....
I discovered I still have dreams for a happy life….

My experience is that life IS desire arising through the levels of my being, calling me forward into ever-expanding experiences of the beauty of life. So to try to detach from desire is basically trying to detach from life itself. Not recommended, although apparently it is the right choice for some.

But what I notice is helpful, is to not attempt to co-create my desires from a limited identity…my Kristin self. My Kristin self has too many stories about who she is to open to and allow these desires…to many reasons “why-not.”

The energy of co-creation is accessed through the purest sense of self as consciousness that you can enter. And it is the trust of pure consciousness, a sort of “set it and forget it” mentality that gives consciousness the fullest permission to alter your experience of reality.

Using these ideas with a playful spirit open your being to the greatest results…so have fun, and let me know how you are doing! I’ll be right beside you!


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