She knew she had to make new was unbearable now...
She knew she had to make new choices…life was unbearable now…

I have been working with a client I will call Rose who is an entrepreneur. She has been running her business for 7 years, and while she has been able to keep the doors open, she never has one penny extra. She is always on the edge of disaster.

She came to me exhausted and ready to give up because she was beginning to be unable to deal with the feelings of anger and resentment that had been springing up around everything that she is having to “do without.” She wants her business to not only serve her clients, but bring in an abundant income for her as well.

Through our work Rose has discovered many false beliefs that have been limiting her ability to thrive as an entrepreneur. These beliefs have cut her off from abundant options that are surrounding the value that Rose brings to the community she serves. Slowly Rose is seeing new possibilities and making new choices.

She had endured years of emotional and physical abuse
She had endured years of emotional and physical abuse

She has let go of a very traumatic past which included emotional and physical abuse. She has been able to see how her own identity as a victim of abuse was limiting her view of what is possible for her. And a huge break through came when Rose realized that it was she who was calling the abusive experiences into her present day reality. Without realizing it, Rose kept those memories fresh and real by seeing herself as a victim of her circumstances.

Endless possibilities exist, so make a new choice....
Endless possibilities exist, so make a new choice….

The power to choose a perspective, the ability to shift into a higher perspective on any situation or circumstance is where we as co-creators with life begin to feel a transformation. For Rose this happened in conjunction with following her spirit with regard to a purchase she made for her business.

While there are many, many reasons why this purchase could benefit her business it was not a necessary expenditure, and Rose could not justify the expense. But when it came down to a decision whether to buy or not buy Rose looked into her heart and heard the word “buy it.” So she did. It made no sense, but Rose did it.

Miracles occurred...
Miracles occurred…

Within 24 hours new business that was totally unexpected appeared, and the cost of the new equipment was paid for. And on top of that, the equipment gave her access to some opportunities that would never have come her way without the present of this equipment.

This shift from head to heart has given Rose a new enthusiasm for her work. The burden of a sense of lack has lessened, and Rose feels a sense of security in making heart decisions that never came when she tried to figure out next steps.

Saying yes to life...
Saying yes to life…

“New possibilities have been showing up that were completely unexpected!” said Rose. “I had no idea how much I was holding myself back by refusing to allow my inner guidance to help me make decisions.”

When you begin to say “yes” to life, to allow life to be exactly as it is, you open the door to  the ability to co-create your life. That is why I want to invite you to download my checklist The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-creation. This checklist enables you to assess your co-creation skills.

5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

Key #1 is the ultimate stress reducer: eliminate exhaustion and overwhelm

Key #2 makes change smooth and effortless

Key #3 causes anxiety to dissolve in mere seconds, allowing you to rest in the peace that passes all understanding

Key #4 reconnects you to your passion for living

Key #5 opens the door to the experience of beauty, and why you are desperate for it



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