orienting your life to this mastery sets the conditions for living a fulfilling and joyful life
Orienting your life to co-creation mastery sets the conditions for living a fulfilling and joyful life

To live in a world where LOVE prevails requires that you shift your identity from unconscious co-creator to conscious co-creator. Fostering this identity shift is the work of mastery. And orienting your life to this mastery sets the conditions for living a fulfilling and joyful life.

My client, Anne, has embraced this exciting challenge. Anne is a successful entrepreneur. She created her own business offering leadership training in the corporate environment. Anne came to me to take her own sense of mastery to the next level, and awaken to her own inner joy.

She had all the trappings of success...
She had all the trappings of success…

Anne had worked hard to leave behind the sense of victimization, of feeling that life was doing something undesirable to her. Anne had not had an easy life. And let’s be clear: NO ONE has an easy life. As evolving souls, we are not here to have an easy life. We have come to this dimension of contrasts: dark and light, good and bad, high and low for one purpose only: to focus our intent on co-creating LOVE in the midst of contrast.

How can I embrace challenges to empower my life experience?
How can I embrace challenges to empower my life experience?

As Anne embraced this inner knowing, her sense of challenges and obstacles shifted. No longer struggling against her circumstances, she began to live into the question of how to lean into challenges, and how to maximize their evolutionary power to transform her life.

Anne says “I was fighting my challenges. I was using them as a reason to think there was something wrong with me. I kept trying to fix myself. This kept me focused on my weaknesses, and on outcomes I didn’t want. I saw, with Kristin’s help, that I was using the power of my conscious attention to manifest what I didn’t want! It was like a light bulb switched on when I finally got this.”

With this empowered viewpoint of seeing challenges as the gift to take her to the next level, Anne found herself living her life from a more buoyant and energetic presence. Without the resistance to challenges, with that “Bring it On!” mentality, Anne found the key to the next level, and simultaneously she awakened to a new level of joy! Anne told me “I started saying ‘YES’ to life just as it is appearing before me. I feel so light and free!”

The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

It is because of transformations like Anne’s that I want to invite you to download my free gift to you: The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-creation Checklist. Using this powerful and transformative checklist enables you to become a master at co-creating the life of your dreams just like Anne has.

Click here to download it.

Key #1 is the ultimate stress reducer: eliminate exhaustion and overwhelm. For Anne the struggle against challenges and obstacles was the source of her fatigue. As she learned to embrace the challenges on her path as the true guides to evolutionary growth they are meant to be, her resistance faded and her sense of vitality and the playful embrace of “Bring it On!” became her peaceful inner mantra.

Key #2 makes change smooth and effortless. Anne found the “magick” of surrendered seeing, the simple willingness to perceive her present moment from the highest perspective of self, to be the “abracadabra” she had been looking for.

Key #3 causes anxiety to dissolve in mere seconds, allowing you to rest in the peace that passes all understanding. Anne became vigilant about noticing when she had drifted back into the past, allowing false beliefs and habitual triggers into old neural pathways to begin to dominate her perception of the present moment. This was the key to shifting into vibrancy of the now.

Key #4 reconnects you to your passion for living. Anne was passionate about her mission to develop stronger and more powerful leaders who are grounded in LOVE’s presence. It is LOVE’s presence that inspires the kind of win/win solutions that move an organization into its deepest levels of contribution and service.

Key #5 opens the door to the experience of beauty, and why you are desperate for it. Anne discovered that her soul essence is beautiful, and that is necessary for her to surround herself with reflections of that essence in her environment. This has been a key to turning herself toward LOVE in each moment.

When you shift your perspective your dreams become doable....
The awakening process shifts your perspective so that your dreams become doable….

Anne has been a joy to work with. She has discovered, as will you, that opening and deepening into your own awakening process is the key to the life of your dreams. While it is normal to become discouraged and disheartened in the beginning of your journey, the Awakening Women’s Community is here to offer support and strength to you.

Anne is quick to point out that she still experiences lower frequency energies at times. She still feels frustration. She still feels anger. There are days when she is low energy and apathetic. But Anne has a different response to herself on these days than prior. She has become her own best friend. She is ready, willing and able to listen deeply. She uses her listening to pinpoint the false belief, or old habitual response pattern which has crept over her sense of self.

From this place of empowered seeing Anne is able to shift her perspective and open to new possibilities. When she needs to, Anne is able to ask for support from me, or other women in the community. We cannot become ourselves by ourselves! We must use the power of our sacred container to receive strength and resilience from each other on days when our sense of self has been triggered into lower energy responses.

Anne shared with me that her gross sales in her business is up 17% from the last quarter. Her inner joy has inspired her team, and the term “conscious co-creation” is now a part of their business strategy. Taking a stand that their work enhance LOVE’s presence in the world has lit Anne’s management team on FIRE, and the results demonstrate it.

Download 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation here.

The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

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