What is conscious co-creation?
What is conscious co-creation?

I recently worked with a client I’ll call Rita. The work we did together helps to answer this question and explain why this conscious co-creation is a critical skill for Awakening Women to develop.


Rita had 3 kids...
Rita had 3 kids…

Rita considered herself to be a normal person. She was divorced, and a single mother to 3 children: Jack, Bethany and Hunter. She worked hard as a middle-manager for a local company. She came to me complaining of exhaustion and burn-out. But simultaneously, Rita was hearing this call to “something more.”

“I just know there is something ‘more’ out there for me. I just don’t know what it is, or how to find it,” she told me during our first consultation.

I asked her to tell more about her life.

“I am exhausted all the time. I drag myself around from home to work to the grocery or after-school events for the kids, make dinner, help with homework and fall into bed. That is my life. I love my kids, but something has to give. I’m irritable. I snap at the kids unfairly. I’ve missed a few deadlines at work and my boss is upset with me. I’ve taken to hiding from her whenever I can. I have no time to myself.  My stomach is in knots. I’m gaining weight. I feel like screaming, but I’m afraid if I start I’ll never stop. I can’t take this much longer,” Rita told me.

“My youngest, Hunter, came to me with a deck of cards and asked me to play ‘Go Fish’ with him and I about took his head off,” Rita said as the tears started to flow. “I knew I had to do something, and fast, before I did lasting damage to my relationship with my kids.”

Rita was stuck in a never-ending cycle of over-giving...
Rita was stuck in a never-ending cycle of over-giving…

Rita was co-creating her life, but she was doing it unconsciously. Old belief patterns instilled in her primarily in early childhood were dominating her visual field. She was seeing only a narrow range of options which kept her making the same choices over and over again. This is why her life seemed to be stuck in this unfulfilling cycle of over-giving.

Our first order of business was to establish a conscious connection to LOVE, the ultimate energy source for all of us here on Planet Earth. We did this by working within Rita’s own belief structure so that she could connect in ways that felt comfortable and familiar for her. For Rita this came about through her church.

Rita faithfully took her family to church every Sunday, but when she was honest about it, Rita was just going through the motions. She was not connecting to God during the worship service. Unconsciously Rita was relating to God as a white-haired man on a throne in the sky who was constantly passing judgment on her, seeing all her weaknesses and faults, and condemning her.

Rita could separate her old perceptions of God from her adult faith...
Rita could separate her old perceptions of God from her adult faith…

Through our work together we untangled Rita’s ability to connect to God as unconditional LOVE from this old belief system with the image of God as a punishing and critical father. Rita’s human father HAD been punishing and critical. And as a child it was natural for Rita to confuse the behavior of her father with her experience of God.

Now, as an adult, Rita worked with me to be able to bring a conscious awareness into her faith and let go of the false beliefs about God. This first step dramatically changed Rita’s experience of Sunday morning worship. Now Sunday mornings are a time of refreshment and renewal for Rita. Instead of church being one more obligation on her “to-do” list, it is now a time she can count on during her week to provide her with spiritual sustenance.

Rita shifted her unconscious co-creation of her connection to a punishing God that reflected her experience of her human father to a conscious co-creation where Rita’s spiritual beliefs were allowed to provide her with a sense of forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love.

This first step into conscious co-creation shifted one vital aspect of Rita’s life from an experience that was another obligation on her “to-do” list, to an experience of joy by transforming her relationship with LOVE’s presence. This is the power of conscious co-creation. There is no aspect of life where conscious co-creation cannot shift your experience.

This vital skill is the basis for the transformation of our world from a world of conflict and misery to a world where LOVE prevails. If you feel called to awaken begin by downloading our free checklist 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation.

5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist



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