Maybe you have something in common with my client, Lisa.

Most Awakening Women were raised to serve others and deny themselves, hoping maybe for a crumb of acknowledgement, appreciation, or love once in a while. This is a heartbreaking truth.

Are You Heart-Broken?
Are You Heart-Broken?

Why heartbreaking?

Because it is the exact opposite strategy for what it takes to be a conscious co-creator with life, and this world needs each of us who has heard the call to develop our conscious co-creation skills.

Your heart’s desires are expressions of your essence, that individuated spark of the Creator which resides in you.

Often these desires seem impossible, and we don’t even try to actualize them because they seem so far off, unreachable, unattainable.

And besides, we have tried to manifest a desire before and had our hearts broken. We all have.

But that is the past. Today is a new day, and you are whether consciously or not consciously, you are reinventing yourself in each moment.

A Vital Loving Heart Experiences the Fires of Passion!
A Vital Loving Heart Experiences the Fires of Passion!

The path to conscious co-creation is paved with LOVE. Again, not hallmark sentimentality or co-dependent attachment, but LOVE, the expression of desire from our Creator to experience its creations.

Do you see? Your individual desires come from LOVE!

So when you turn away from your desires, and repeat old beliefs, and live in the ruts of old habits you are effectively turning away from LOVE’S presence in your life.

The LOVE is always there, calling to you. But are you willing to listen? Are you willing to trust? Are you willing to believe in LOVE?

Or are you going to let the world tell you that you are nothing, that you are a nobody, that you can’t do it, so why bother trying?

If so, don’t be surprised if sooner or later health problems catch up with you.


When you turn away from LOVE's presence you start living in your head....which is dangerous to your health and well-being!
When you turn away from LOVE’s presence you start living in your head….which is dangerous to your health and well-being!

Because when you turn away from LOVE’S presence you greatly decrease the experience of the flow of light and vitality into your body.

You effectively separate yourself from the experience of LOVE.

Don’t misunderstand, LOVE is always present, always offering itself to you. You can’t actually be separate. But you have free will and you can say “no” to the experience of LOVE’S presence.

And this “no” advances the cause of aging in your physical cells, and leaves you very susceptible to the messages of mass consciousness. That you are alone. That you are unloved. That you are disconnected.

Then negative emotions manifest, and your physical body loses more vitality as you begin to manifest anger or frustration or depression. The chemical messengers of these emotions weaken the immune system. Cell mutations gain a stronghold within you. A downward spiral ensues.

LOVE leads you forward on an upward spiral...
LOVE leads you forward on an upward spiral…

But at ANY moment you can choose again. You can open to receive LOVE’S presence. You can allow your desires to rekindle. You can say “yes” to them, and allow them to guide you intuitively forward.

This is true transformation. The power of LOVE’S presence restores, revitalizes, nurtures, and you position yourself on an upward spiral.

This is your birthright. You are called to awaken to this upward spiral of life.

Say “yes”.

My client that I will call Lisa changed her mind in just this way.

Lisa’s passion was music. She did some singing when she was in high school and college, but she gave it up when she got her teaching degree and began teaching 3rd grade.

She met and married a fine man, and together they brought 2 children into the world. Their days were filled with nurturing their family, but 10 years later Lisa was exhausted, burned out, frustrated and angry.

She came to me broken and battered and bruised. Her life had become sheer drudgery. She didn’t know how much longer she could carry on.

Lisa wanted to feel alive again....
Lisa wanted to feel alive again….

Lisa wanted to feel alive again. She wanted to feel passion and purpose and meaning in her life. Her endless “to-do” list made life unbearable.

Then, Lisa was in a car accident. It was pretty serious. She was hospitalized with serious injuries. For a while she had no choice but to rest in bed while her injuries healed and she had a lot of time to think, and to work with me.

She examined her beliefs: especially this belief “my needs don’t matter.”

And she had a realization: Lisa had been making choices and decisions as though her needs didn’t matter. She never even put her needs and desires into the decision-making process! She had been acting as if her needs didn’t matter to her!

What a profound realization!

How could her needs and desires possibly matter to anyone else when they didn’t matter to her? How could Lisa expect others to know what she needed and desired when she herself didn’t know?

So Lisa entered a time of deep listening within herself. What did she need and desire?

Among other things, Lisa wanted to sing!
Among other things, Lisa wanted to sing!

Lisa wanted to sing! Among other things, Lisa wanted to sing!

She happened to mention this to a nurse in the hospital, and the nurse told her that they desperately needed people to perform on the children’s ward.

That was all Lisa needed. The very next day Lisa performed in the children’s ward and the response was overwhelming. They LOVED her performance.

Lisa’s heart broke open and suddenly the whole world looked changed to her. Lisa’s world became a different place…a place that was welcoming and appreciative and grateful for her gifts.

And this was just the beginning. By living with an open-hearted connection to her desires Lisa began to perceive new opportunities and possibilities that had always existed, but she never saw before.

A year later Lisa’s life was very different. Lisa was now teaching music, and singing regularly in her community. No she didn’t become an international superstar, but that was never her desire. She was making a difference in people’s lives with her music and she was fulfilled on a level she never dreamed of.

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5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist




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