I have been a bluebonnet fan for forever…the state of Texas calls bluebonnets our State flower, and Lady Bird Johnson was instrumental in having the highways of Texas seeded with them years ago. That gift of her vision continues to bear fruit every Spring.

Krystopher in April of 2011, an expression of new life....
Krystopher in April of 2011, an expression of new life….

All the photos here on this post were taken in my yard. I live in such a garden of delight. My grandson, Krystopher, is also a representation of Spring for me. My DNA lives in his cells. When my body passes away, my life will continue to express through his cells. And yet he is his own unique expression. The genetic essence of me combined with his grandfather to create his mother. Her DNA combined with the DNA of Krystopher’s father, and now there is Krystopher, a unique expression of his ancestors. Looking at him and knowing he is an expression of all who came before is at once humbling, and awe-inspiring.

So Spring is a time of new beginnings. I am so fortunate to live in an area that is naturally bluebonnet-rich, and this year, as every year, I am living in a sea of bluebonnets. I am blessed by their abundant blooming. I am enriched by the glorious shades of blue and purple that they display. But this year, they gave me a new gift. Their fragrance. I had never noticed their wild exotic fragrance in past years.

What a delight. I wish I had the words to express this fragrance so that I could share it with you. But they don’t smell like anything else. Maybe someone who was expert at fragrance could describe it, but for me, it is indescribable. bluebonnets just don’t smell like anything else.

Irises have their own unique intoxicating fragrance....
Irises have their own unique intoxicating fragrance….

And this morning I picked an iris and brought it in the house. Irises, too, have a very strong and unique fragrance. Smelling these aromas of Spring are so delightful. They have a profound effect on me and my body. These aromas speak of new beginnings. They speak of joy.  They speak of new life, and a hardy vitality, an exuberance!

Most of us live in climates with seasons and they each have their beauty and contribution to make to our life experience.  I invite you to allow nature’s messages in. Really see the amazing array of colors and smells as nature renews herself. Let the power and vitality of Earth’s expression touch you all the way down deep into your cells. This abundant vitalizing energy is available to you if only you have the consciousness to receive it.

You can never be cut off from this wealth of life energy expressing itself on this planet. It is part of your very nature. Come into the present moment and receive it fully. Open your heart and receive!

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