What is the source of true wealth?

We are swimming in a sea of abundant possibilities
We are swimming in a sea of abundant possibilities

True wealth comes from one’s connection with the eternal creative force of life itself. And the great news is that we cannot be disconnected from this wealth. It is the fabric of who we are. Like fish swimming in a vast ocean, all humanity is “swimming” in a sea of wealth and abundant possibilities.

Why then do so many of us struggle with lack? It is because, like the fish doesn’t recognize the water in which he swims, we don’t recognize the wealth of possibilities all around us. Our identities as children are spacious and to a child anything is possible, at least until mom says “no.”

Children live in abundant possibilities until we teach them not to...
Children live in abundant possibilities until we teach them not to…

If you dress healthy children from all income brackets in a common uniform and put them together in a park, you won’t be able to tell who is from a home with money and who is living in poverty. All children are wealthy in terms of vitality, abundant imagination and capacity for joy.

It is our socialization that teaches us to experience lack. And once we begin to live in the “lack” paradigm, it can be a real challenge to find your way back into the open, trusting, possibility mindset you had as a child. But you can do it with determination and a willingness to allow the true experience of wealth to become part of your reality.

As the transformative light waves of energy shift our planet, all the old rules, beliefs, and ways of being are shifting as well. The chaos we are collectively experiencing is the result of the light of truth shining upon structures that are built on low frequency perceptions of lack. Every day there is news of abundant possibilities resolving our challenges. And often these solutions come from young people who are perceiving the world and its abundant resources in new ways.

Disruption is unsettling until we focus on new possibilities...
Disruption is unsettling until we focus on new possibilities…

While the chaos we are enduring is at best unsettling, and at worst, downright terrifying, the recognition that this disruption is the expression of new beginnings can be comforting. Life is organizing itself around our success, and when we trust this, participate with it, and say “yes” even when it is difficult, or challenging, we find ourselves being shepherded toward a life of ease and flow. The question is can you allow this truth to be your experience? Or will you interpret new beginnings in the context of old stories?

The essential unity of life makes the win/win condition a must going forward. It is only when we perceive the good of all to be our own individual good that we can thrive together on this over-crowded planet. As I deepen into a realization of what this truly means my sense of joy and elation expands exponentially.

Fortunately we human expressions are not in control of life, though many of us still labor under the illusion that control is desirable. But when a clear understanding of the plan for life on earth is achieved, control is clearly impossible, and it is not necessary. All of us control freaks who have been so busy trying to make life turn out for everyone else, often at our own expense, can finally breathe a sign of relief and turn over the reins to Life itself.

Krystopher and I enjoying life, knowing our needs are met...
Krystopher and I enjoying life, knowing our needs are met…

If you know you your needs are being met and your dreams are moving toward fulfillment as you simply take inspired action one next step at a time, why would you want to control life? Won’t you be busy enjoying yourself? And this viewpoint has the added benefit of knowing the same is true for all those you love as well, so there is no need to try to manipulate or control to benefit those you love.

This vision of Heaven on Earth is common to awakening women. We see how it can be. And it is up to us to embody this vision to our greatest capacity, and to grow that capacity each and every day. In this way we model right energy with every step we take.

We have to allow that open, trusting sense of connection to life to reestablish itself in our waking consciousness. We have to be aware of when the old habits and beliefs of lack are dominating our present moment, and consciously choose a more empowered belief in the next moment.

Here is a list of empowering beliefs that you might want to consider for yourself. Opening to allowing these beliefs to resonate with your authentic self provides a basis for opening to see new possibilities for yourself going forward.

These beliefs express the wisdom that you live in a fabric of abundant possibilities just waiting for you to awaken to them, and to take inspired action toward them. Instead of seeking wealth, come from wealth. This is the truth of your being. This is why it is so critically important for Awakening Women to connect to their soul essence. This connection is the source of all joy and fulfillment for us while we are experiencing being human in the material world.

True Wealth
True Wealth

I am willing to experience greater wealth on every level.

I am willing to awaken to my essence and let all the false identities dissolve.

I am finding the courage to change enough to allow more and more of my desires to manifest.

I allow myself to receive the riches of my true self.

I allow more of life’s riches into my experience.

I am open to be shown more ways to connect to my abundance.

As my perspective changes I recognize the wealth that is currently unseen.

I now allow myself to experience my inner wealth.

Just for fun I made short video with some empowering beliefs and images that will allow you to resonate with this true wealth model. Enjoy!

Please comment and let me know what you think!

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5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

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