Beloved One: I wish to speak to you today upon this topic of self-love and belonging. Your heavy heart inspires us to speak to you of the great communion of light of which you are a part, an eternal part, and from which you can never separate yourself. Breathe and relax! Open to the light of your true being. Leave effort and struggle behind.

You are a beacon of light. Your light illuminates the path for many....
You are a beacon of light. Your light illuminates the path for many….

In serving the greater good you are called into your own light which is radiant enough to shine brightly as a beacon to many. Do not interpret this potential in any way other than through the strength and beauty of your own love which is there and here to bless many, many more than you have imagined. Allow this to unfold and do not allow your mind to step in, but follow the energy and all is well.

Your open loving heart has moved you into the potential for great service and while this means a certain parting of the ways of the past and embracing a new trajectory going forward, there is no loss. Your light is of a certain vibratory rate that beckons to a segment and you must allow yourself to move forward in that beckoning. They are waiting for you Beloved and you have needed this time of preparation to be ready to answer their call.

Your Inner Light Will Illuminate the Path of Your Desires
Your Inner Light Will Illuminate Your Desires

The allowing of your full creative force to shine has required deep inner reconstruction of your physical vehicle and this has come at a certain price. But the days of density and darkness are over for you now, Beloved, and as you claim your focus and place it squarely in the light it will illumine the path of your desires and allow you to embrace and express this potential which has awaited this very time and this very space for full blooming.

The wisdom you have gained in recent times will serve you well as you navigate the path of service and have no fear of failure. Yes learning will occur but as I have often said, this is part of the game and becomes a joy when held in the certainty that all is well eternally and nothing here is lost or wasted effort.

Your Fire Is Beginning to Burn Brightly
Your Fire Is Beginning to Burn Brightly

As your fire consumes energy and requires more stoking to burn brightly there is much to anticipate in your full flourishing and becoming the fullest version of you. Do not be afraid to allow your desires to illumine the path and move forward with confidence that all is well and all is given and allow yourself to receive from the fullness of truth and beauty. Cast any fears that arise into the fire and allow the flame to transmute the lower frequencies.

Those who have truly loved and truly given can never be destroyed and your contribution, your work, your love, your service speaks of the eternal presence and illuminates the path for the sisters on the journey behind you. I am grateful for all you do, all you give of yourself, and wish you great joy today.

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5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

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