Hello Beloved One! You are a creature of the light. Your joyful response to sunlight is a clue to your true nature.

Connect to your inner light and shine more brightly in the world...
Connect to your inner light and shine more brightly in the world…

You are light, Beloved.

You are the light and you bring this knowing into your form. It is for your body to turn toward and embrace the light now, and you will see, it will.

The deep inner connection to Source has been reawakened in the body and the body will know the love that is its true nature. You will see this transition and feel it more and more as time passes. You must keep showering love and affection on this body for indeed it is a loyal and faithful servant.

rainbow bridge
Your Body is a Bridge of Light…

In its energetic form your body is a bridge of light between the higher frequency expressions of the spiritual and the lower frequency expressions of the material. In you, the two come together. As you allow the higher frequencies to penetrate your thoughts and feelings, and become fully embodied, your sense of luminosity as a physical being will become more real to you.

Embrace the future and use your imagination to create a marvelous and exciting adventure. Focus on your dreams and visions and allow them to manifest before your eyes. Allow the fear, anxiety, doubt to fall away and embrace the reality of the other dimensions, allowing them to be born here. This is why you and so many have come.

Just let it all go...
Just let it all go…

Have no worries about the release. You are doing the work and the memories of pain will fade as you embody the light. Step into the joy and allow its presence, for it is here and available to you. You have carried the heaviness and darkness long enough. It is the time for release and you will find it no burden to let go.

Most of us don’t realize how much we are holding on to past pain and trauma. As much as we think we have let go, often the old attachments to past pain creep back in and require a new release. Don’t resist this process!

It is so easy to be frustrated and tell yourself “I thought I was done with that forever.” Don’t struggle against what is in your field. Welcome all aspects of your experience…even the “re-runs.” If you see something arise that is no longer part of who you want to be, just let it go.

All of my clients, without exception, experience this letting go process. Together we discover the magic of your light, and slowly, you learn to access the magic of you on your own. The identities formed by the lower frequencies of your life experience need only to be welcomed, accepted, and allowed to be, without attachment. In this detached state, thoughts and feelings are free to come, and equally free to go, flowing on the river of your life, but not becoming stuck there.

The Magic of Your Light Outshines the Darkness
The Magic of Your Light Outshines the Darkness

The magic of your light outshines any and all darkness. It is very much like when we close our eyes. The light is never gone…we have simply closed our eyes to it. As you begin to trust the magic of who you truly are, you learn to trust the presence of the light and see from its illuminated perspective. The options you see from this expanded sense of self will provide avenues for expansion, growth and evolution. What has it been like for you to discover the magic of who you are? Please leave and comment and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

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