Many Awakening Women feel a deep alliance with this phrase “Heaven on Earth.” We have a knowing within that there is way for humankind to experience this. The shift in paradigms from surviving to thriving is an indication that the time has come for heaven and earth to be reunited in the minds and hearts of humanity.

To many, the idea of heaven on earth is an impossibility, and they certainly have plenty of evidence to prove their case. There is tremendous disruption and upheaval in our world. Time itself has seemed to speed up and the level of chaos that we each must confront can be overwhelming.

But the truth is that the experience of heaven on earth can only be birthed through the heart: my heart, your heart, each individual heart. One open heart at a time the beauty of heaven can begin to radiate through you into the world. And this process began long ago. It is only now reaching a point where those of us who are called to awaken can consciously choose this experience.

What can you do to birth heaven on earth for yourself?

Are you trying to figure life out?
Are you trying to figure life out?

The first thing is to learn how to consciously open your heart, and then live with an open heart most of the time. This is not difficult, but it takes practice. We have all been trained to live in our heads. We unconsciously feel that we have to figure life out in order to survive, and therefore, we spend a lot of time analyzing, strategizing, looking for evidence, gathering facts. This was how our parents lived, and they modeled this to us. Our habitual response to challenges is “I have to figure this out. I have to make this work.” We ignore the signals our hearts try to send us, and do the “right” thing, which typically is something we “figured out” on our own.

To birth heaven on earth within we must retrain ourselves to shift to the heart for guidance and inspiration. It is only through this heart-centered focus that the possibilities and potentialities of the situation are revealed to us. From this higher perspective intuitive guidance comes and we are directed to inspired action. In this space, miracles happen, and challenges lead to breakthroughs.

Most of my clients struggle with this shift. It feels life-threatening to give up trying to figure life out, and make things happen. One of my clients is a very successful entrepreneur who was running her business through the old survival paradigm and it was killing her. She had all the trappings of success, but no joy. After learning to shift into her heart and live from this new place within, her joy has expanded, she loves her life, and she is making more money than ever before.

The second thing is to begin to view everything that happens in your life from the perspective that life is organizing itself around your success, and to trust that what happens to you is meant for good, even if the circumstances themselves are circumstances that we would judge as bad.

When you trust life, you can find the gold at the end of the rainbow
When you trust life, you can find the gold at the end of the rainbow

How many times have you, or someone you know, endured a mishap or even a tragedy, only to find somewhere down the road, that your life has come into a new level of success and happiness? It is the people who are willing to stand in the conviction that life is benevolent, to stand in trust that things are working out even in the midst of misfortune, that find the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Another of my clients experienced a major challenge when over $750,000 was stolen out of her business by her business partner. It seemed that all was lost. She could not figure out how to “fix” the situation. Her exhausted mind finally gave in. She had to surrender.

As she let go of analyzing and strategizing and opened to see the situation from her heart a new perspective emerged. New opportunities for collaboration opened up and instead of dissolving, her business expanded to a new level. Now she is actually grateful for the betrayal by her business partner. By stealing her money, that partner actually led to her receive a whole new vision of herself and her business.

The third thing is to focus on connecting to the essence of your true self. So many of us have unconsciously developed identities based on experiences and circumstances that were beyond our control, especially difficulties we experienced a children. These identities prevent you from seeing all the possibilities that life is offering to you on a daily  basis, and instead cause you to expect less.

As your focus narrows into the experiences of lack and frustration and difficulties it is only natural that your field of vision is limited. You tend to resonate with misfortune and problems, and it should then be no surprise that is what tends to show up in your life.

Connect to your inner light and shine more brightly in the world...
Connect to your inner light and shine more brightly in the world…

When you connect to your essence, your inner light, and establish your identity based on that light, the highest perspectives of that light illumine the possibilities you see before you. While before limitation and lack dominated your experience, with the inner light showing you the way, new possibilities and opportunities appear as if by magic.

I have a client I worked with pro bono that I took on because her life story was so tragic. She was abused by her her stepfather physically and emotionally. The ravages of that experience had prevented her from finding success in the world as an adult. She felt victimized, and this victim identity led her to experiences which always resulted in even more victimization.

As we worked together to connect her to the truth of her being she began to see herself as a survivor rather than a victim. Inside this new identity she began to connect to her strength and the empathy for others that her experience gave her. From this place she saw how much she had to offer others, and this led to a wonderful job at a women’s shelter. Her wisdom and kindness was so clear, and within a short time she was managing the shelter, and earning more than she had ever earned in any previous job. It was connecting to her own inner light that made this possible, and she continues to this day, opening to even higher expressions of her authentic self.

These kinds of inner transformations are the very processes that enable each of us to open to experience heaven on earth. You do this inner work not just for yourself, although this is important, but as you transform your life your inner work transforms the collective consciousness we are all connected to. In the same way that past suffragettes cleared the path so that today all women in the US have the privilege of voting, so your work in consciousness will make the experience of heaven on earth more easily accessed by those women who come behind you.

What ways have you found to experience heaven on earth within your life experience? Please share below, and allow your truth to expand and widen the pathway for other awakening women. I am anxious to hear from you!

Awakening Women’s Community is a sacred container for women to find mutual support and partnership as we all learn to deepen our connection to that inner light, as well as allow ourselves to relax into a new identity as that light.

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