What Team Are You Affiliated With?

How is the experience of Heaven on Earth possible during these chaotic times?
How is the experience of Heaven on Earth possible during these chaotic times?

The chaos and disruption so prevalent in our world is creating an experience of sharp contrast between the idea of heaven, and the idea of earth. How, then, is an experience of heaven on earth possible?

Unfortunately, the gift of experiencing heaven on earth is not accessible to many people, but the truth is, the experience of heaven on earth is freely available to all.

The challenging part is choosing to access this experience.

The external world is mesmerizing to us. The information provided by our 5 senses: sight, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling is overwhelmingly compelling. For many people the external world is their definition of reality, the only reality as far as they are concerned. Events in the external world that are chaotic, violent, disruptive, etc., inspire fear reactions. We feel our safety and security are threatened. Typically these fear reactions inspire lower frequency experiences such as anger, frustration, disappointment, overwhelm, etc.

Heaven on Earth arises from an alignment with your essence...the truth of your being
Heaven on Earth arises from an alignment with your essence…the truth of your being

The experience of Heaven on Earth begins within, and once it is known within, it can be experienced externally. Those with the ability to go within and connect energetically with the higher frequencies of Heaven on Earth no matter the circumstances in the external world are those who are called to the Heaven on Earth “team.”

What do I mean by “higher frequencies of Heaven on Earth?”

Everything is energy. Science has demonstrated this to us beyond any doubt. We experience energy as frequencies. So every experience has an energetic frequency. Joy, Peace, Bliss, Harmony, Expansion, Compassion, Kindness and many more are frequencies that are in the realm of what we know as heaven. Anxiety, doubt, guilt, shame, and many more are lower frequency energies commonly associated with the material world. When human beings open to receive experiences of higher frequency energy this is what is known as  experiencing Heaven on Earth.

So we are energy, and it is no surprise that as energetic constructs there is a sacred order to our being. Sacred geometry expresses these energetic constructs in patterns and shapes that we recognize.

As you may know, I have been having a persistent vision of the Heaven on Earth t-shirt, and after doing my best to ignore the vision, I finally created one and began to make it available. I used a piece of original art that was created for me by my dear friend and client, Matthu Zephyr. This is the piece:

Heaven on Earth

I had asked Matthu to do a piece for me that used Metatron’s Cube. Metatron is an Archangel of the highest order and Metatron’s Cube is a symbolic representation of the energies of Metatron. It is fundamentally a template for spirit expressing itself as matter.

The interlocking triangles represent the ascending frequencies of matter reaching toward heaven, and the descending frequencies of LOVE reaching into matter. So Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometric rendering of the energy of Heaven on Earth.

Today I thought I would share with you what Matthu wrote to me about this piece:

“Metatron is touching Earth below and also touching Heaven Above. The new sliver crescent of Moon was in conjunction with Venus on the evening that I completed this piece. I saw the Moon and Venus together as the sun set in the West. I included what I had observed in the piece.

The border was inspired by some of my research about Archangel Metatron. It is said that Metatron has One Million Mouths. Each mouth is able to speak a different language, so the border became my interpretation of all those mouths!

I also read somewhere that Metatron has 36 feathered wings. My layers of feathery clouds were inspired by Metatron’s wings. The words invoke the qualities of Metatron most evident to me: Love, Courage, Peace, Magick, Alchemy and Unity.

This piece is a wonderful talisman and metaphysical tool to aid in the recreating of your reality into whatever your heart desires.”

So I believe this powerful talisman is the perfect symbol for the Heaven on Earth team, the team of conscious co-creators that we are, to wear. In the wearing of it we not only remind ourselves that we are constantly consciously co-creating Heaven on Earth, or we have slipped into unconscious co-creation, and we can choose to wake up and remember who we are in every present moment.

See 4
Use the LOVE grids as a foundation for your perspective in every challenging situation…

And as a point of service, in wearing this powerful talisman you have a tool that communicates our deep shared desire to live in a world where LOVE prevails, and as we use our freedom of choice to consciously co-create Heaven on Earth we are strengthening the energetic grids of LOVE. Those who are ready to receive the LOVE being transmitted by this talisman will be stimulated by it, whether they are conscious of it or not.

I would love to have a selection of t-shirts with original art that communicate the Heaven on Earth identity. Diversity in unity is one of our tenets, so it is impossible that one t-shirt would express Heaven on Earth for everyone. If you are an artist with a piece that support the vision, I would love to collaborate with you and expand the collection!

So here is an image of the shirt. It is also available on white fabric. It is available for purchase here: teespring.com/heaven-on-earth1

This image reflects the LOVE inherent in the phrase "Heaven on Earth"
This image reflects the LOVE inherent in the phrase “Heaven on Earth”

I would love to have your feedback and comments. Are you ready to join the team?

How To Know If You Are On The Heaven On Earth Team

More and more the phrase “Heaven on Earth” is showing up in the world. Just yesterday I spoke with Martin Rutte, Founder of Project Heaven on Earth. project-heaven-on-earth-logo-600wwww.ProjectHeavenOnEarth.com

On this site Martin, and all your other favorite transformational leaders, answer 3 powerful questions designed to help you identify your role on the Heaven on Earth team. Go check it out, and discover for yourself if you are on the team!

Martin and I were discussing how “Heaven on Earth” as a phrase is a kind of activation code. If you are on the team, when you hear that phrase it grabs your attention. You resonate with it. You have had your own unique experiences of Heaven on Earth and you know from those experiences that Heaven on Earth is already available, and that as we come together and share about these experiences, the reality of Heaven on Earth becomes more easily accessible to everyone. Heaven on Earth is how life is supposed to be.

Did you feel like a stranger in a strange land?
Did you feel like a stranger in a strange land?

For those on the team the reality of Heaven on Earth makes sense. Many of us knew as young children we were different. We felt like “strangers in a strange land.” The gifts and talents that are part of our inherent uniqueness set us apart from family and friends. Most of us had to learn to hide our inner light, and protect our inner knowing of the truth our being. Our dreams and visions of Heaven on Earth were not accepted.

Everyone around us was living in fear. Our ability to trust in LOVE and live in LOVE was severely tested. We adopted beliefs and survival strategies that made it possible for us to live in fear-based environments, but it never felt like home.

The fear that is so prevalent in mass consciousness is simply a product of our collective forgetting of our ability to co-create Heaven on Earth. Life is so simple in a world where LOVE prevails. Our differences and the diversity of expression is transformed from a threat into our greatest joy. As we learn to co-create Heaven on Earth our differences make life interesting and we find ways to allow each other to be different and appreciate the fullness of creative self-expression.

Imagine yourself playing in the Garden of Eden....
Imagine yourself playing in the Garden of Eden….

From there is not a big leap to imagine the Garden of Eden, the original Heaven on Earth. A place of innocence where there is no judgment to interrupt the creative flow of life energy, and the sense of deep inner connection to LOVE, the expansive, light-filled, harmonious being at the center of all creation.

As we normalize the experience of Heaven of Earth and move through the world in this deep feeling of connection and LOVE we become beacons of light to all those we encounter. Without any need to change anyone or anything, but to simply move through life radiating your calm assurance of the truth of your being, you serve everyone and everything you contact.

I am grateful you are here, and I invite you to heed the call to join the Heaven on Earth team! This is accomplished simply by accessing the knowing in your heart that Heaven on Earth is your reality, and then saying “yes” to the experience of it over and over, no matter the circumstances in the external world where you may find yourself.

Many blessings.

Birthing Heaven on Earth

I am birthing myself into conscious awareness of LOVE's eternal presence
I am birthing myself into conscious awareness of LOVE’s eternal presence

I’ve been meditating on the experience of co-creating Heaven on Earth and I realize I am birthing myself into this consciousness. I am being born into this higher frequency way of being one conscious choice at a time. And the term “birth” is quite apt. There are some really interesting parallels between birthing the consciousness of Heaven on Earth and the experience of giving birth to my daughter at home in 1984.

I started noticing that something was going on with my body the evening before my daughter’s birth. It was approximately 4 weeks before my due date, so I did not give the situation too much of my focused attention. Being 8 months pregnant, I was used to mild discomfort. I assumed I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions. I slept off and on through the night, but as the dawn came it did seem as though the contractions were more regular, and there were other signs that a progression was occurring.

Pregnant 3
It was too soon for labor to be beginning…

At 7 AM I called the midwife and told her what I was experiencing. She suggested I come to her home. She said she was willing to check my body, but she, too, thought what I was experiencing was Braxton-Hicks contractions. It was too early for labor to be beginning.

My husband drove me to the midwife’s home, which was about a 20 minute ride from our location. I was feeling some concern because if the baby was coming it appeared it was coming too soon. But as soon as the midwife checked she told me that my cervix was already dilated to 3 cm. My baby was definitely coming. She did some measuring and more checking and said that the baby appeared to be around 6 pounds, and she felt the baby was big enough for me to proceed with a home birth.

She suggested I remain in her home for the birth because her home was located only 2 minutes away from Seton Hospital, and should any complications arise, I could be in a hospital very, very quickly. Once all this was decided, my body appeared to receive an “all systems go” signal, and labor intensified.

Dilation is a process of allowing....
Dilation is a process of allowing….

This initial phase of labor, called “dilation,” has an interesting parallel with the initial aspect of the co-creating Heaven on Earth “birth” experience.  During the dilation phase the instruction to the laboring woman is to relax, breathe, and allow the body to open. You can’t control natural childbirth, nor can you manipulate it, or dominate it. It must be allowed. It must be surrendered to. It is a very intense process, most women feel at least some, if not all, of the labor process is challenging and unpleasant. It is easy to fall into resistance to it.

Likewise, the “dilation” phase of giving birth to the consciousness of Heaven on Earth is intense, and some of it is unpleasant. Over and over circumstances will occur that trigger strong emotional reactions in you. These situations are opportunities to learn to shift your focus from the unwanted experience back into LOVE’s eternal presence. But because the feelings surrounding the triggering events are often intense and unpleasant, there is a tendency to resist the process. Unfortunately, resistance only serves to slow the process down, and lengthen the experience of suffering as old beliefs and habit behavior patterns come up into consciousness for release.

As you learn to place your consciousness in the frequencies of LOVE and hold it there no matter the circumstances, you are doing the work of the dilation phase. You are opening your conscious awareness to LOVE’s eternal presence. And while it may not seem so, all your experiences, even these unpleasant triggering events, are supporting you in this intention.

On the day of my daughter’s birth, between the hours of 7 am and noon, for 5 seemingly endless hours, I practiced surrendering and allowing the process of dilation to occur. By noon I was ready to give up. The sensations were intense and unpleasant. The contractions were coming more frequently and lasting longer.

I felt like giving up....
I felt like giving up….

I didn’t want to do it anymore! Apparently this experience is common for women in transition, so the midwife did another check. Sure enough, my cervix was completely dilated and it was time to transition into the next phase, something much more vigorous than the “allowing” of the dilation phase. It was time to push.

The co-creating Heaven on Earth process has a pushing phase as well. This is the time when your identity (who you think you are) has significantly detached from the old patterns of survival. Consciously you have become clear that old ways of thinking about yourself, life and others no longer fit with your experience of the truth of your being.

The push, as we continue with the birth metaphor, is about using the power of your clear intention to push and anchor your identity into higher frequency levels of your being. It is a conscious shift from reactions like anger, blame, frustration, and irritation to higher frequency experiences like compassion, acceptance, surrender, serenity and peace.

For me, these higher frequency levels of being can be characterized as being LOVE. I am not speaking of saccharin sentimentality. Nor am I speaking about affection. Nor am I speaking about co-dependent attachment (you complete me). Nor am I speaking about infatuation or lust.

Being conscious of LOVE's eternal presence
Being conscious of LOVE’s eternal presence

What is LOVE? LOVE is pure consciousness expressing itself, and this occurs both in physical and non-physical dimensions. Consciousness can be characterized by 3 fundamental qualities: expansion, light and harmony. And these 3 fundamental qualities combine in various ways to create all the higher frequency qualities such as trust, compassion, kindness, generosity, and so many, many more.

In the “pushing” phase of birthing Heaven on Earth in one’s own experience, we use intention to situate ourselves and construct an identity which is born of these higher frequency qualities. This LOVE that you are is a unifying force which unconditionally accepts all form as it is, without judgment.

Unity 4And this, of course, is one of the major challenges to co-creating Heaven on Earth. To live in unconditional LOVE, one must surrender one’s judgments. And this is a process. After years of living as though your life depends on judging everything and being right about it, now the challenge is to lay down every judgment that arises, and to choose unconditional LOVE in each present moment.

A few of us somehow seem to “pop” into this kind of surrendered seeing of wholeness, this unconditional LOVE. Most of us have to practice over and over, choosing LOVE rather than any other perception. Most of us have to practice noticing perceptions that are not LOVing, releasing these unloving perceptions consciously, and freely choosing the higher frequency perceptions available through the frequencies of LOVE.

When my daughter was born, the pushing phase lasted 37 minutes. These were difficult minutes, challenging minutes, but satisfying because progress was swift, and I knew I would be meeting my baby soon. The midwives delivered her head and shoulders, and then they instructed me to reach down, grab her arms, and pull the rest of her body out of my body. Once free, I was instructed to immediately lay her over my heart.

We were both mesmerized by the radiant perfection of our tiny daughter....
We were both mesmerized by the radiant perfection of our tiny daughter….

As I did that, everything faded out of my perception except my baby. There was a lot going on around me. The midwives were busy, my body was still completing the birth process. But I barely noticed any of it. My world had shrunk to gazing into the eyes of my baby, which were gazing at me. There was no crying. She was a peaceful, content, LOVE-filled being of light and her radiance was dazzling. Her father and I were captivated by her presence, mesmerized by her perfection, and we remained that way for somewhere around 30 minutes. This photo was taken by my dear friend, Diane Elrod, moments after my daughter, Joy, was born.

That was 30 minutes of Heaven on Earth for me. Despite everything going on through me and around me, I experienced Heaven on Earth. Everything was perfect. Everything was whole. Nothing was missing. There was no desire. There was complete and utter fulfillment.

Eventually the time came when various physical demands had to be attended to, and the moment, though eternal on one level, passed in terms of the physical. But I realize now, as I choose over and over to anchor my consciousness into LOVE’s eternal presence, that the truth of that moment is still available to me. While my focus shifted into more physical concerns, the LOVE that I experienced never changed, or faded away. I didn’t lose it or disconnect from it. It is still there. LOVE is always present. There are many varied access points. We each have our own. But LOVE is eternal.

baby feet 2
The LOVE is still present….

When I look at the photographs that my dear friend took of our little family in that moment I see the power and the beauty. I see the LOVE. And when I allow myself to be in that place of remembering, the LOVE is still present, endless and unchanging. LOVE is always here, always, all ways, available to you. The question is “Will you allow LOVE’s eternal presence into your awareness right now, and now, and now?”

LOVE never leaves us. That is simply not possible. Nothing exists outside LOVE’s presence. But our focus can leave LOVE. Life gives us that freedom to place our focus wherever we want it to be. Most of us are unaware of that power to place our focus, and so we focus unconsciously on areas of our experience which are not what we are desiring for ourselves.

It is this focus on the external world, this fascination with the feedback provided by our senses, the unconscious identification with what has been created by our unconscious focus that is perpetuated. We experience lack and scarcity and feel disappointed by life.

Co-creating Heaven on Earth is the process of learning to remain in the frequencies of LOVE’s presence whilst experiencing the density of life in a physical form. To become a conscious co-creator with life we learn to focus on the LOVE we already are, and to create from and through the eternal presence of that wholeness. In that wholeness there is no lack, no scarcity, nothing missing. Only endless fulfillment, joy and pleasure.

We arise from wholeness...
We create from wholeness…

As we create from wholeness our experience of the external world becomes whole, perfect, and complete. This is Heaven on Earth. You arise from that wholeness. And like me, life has given you glimpses of its perfection. So pull those experiences into your awareness, and focus on them. Open to receive the LOVE that lies there waiting for you to claim it, own it, embrace it, surrender to it. Practice this skill until it becomes present in the background of all of your other doing. Do nothing but live as LOVE, and watch your external world transform.

Conscious Co-Creation is a skill that must be developed in order for you to learn to live in Heaven on Earth. When you begin to say “yes” to life, to allow life to be exactly as it is, you open the door to  the ability to co-create your life. That is why I want to invite you to download my checklist The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-creation. Click here to join our community and download the checklist.

This checklist enables you to assess your co-creation skills.

The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

Key #1 is the ultimate stress reducer: eliminate exhaustion and overwhelm

Key #2 makes change smooth and effortless

Key #3 causes anxiety to dissolve in mere seconds, allowing you to rest in the peace that passes all understanding

Key #4 reconnects you to your passion for living

Key #5 opens the door to the experience of beauty, and why you are desperate for it

So give yourself the gift today of assessing your co-creating skills, and join our community of Awakening Women to receive the love and support available in our sacred container. Please leave questions or comments. I love to connect with you!

Heaven on Earth Again

How can I assist you to create a world where LOVE prevails? This is my deep desire for you!
How can I assist you to create a world where LOVE prevails? This is my deep desire for you!

I woke up this morning thinking about Heaven on Earth and feeling again the deep inner call to serve the vision of a world where LOVE prevails.

It is so challenging to know how to serve this vision wisely and well for many reasons.

It sounds “airy, fairy” and “pie in the sky” and with all the chaos, disruption and fear that is making the headlines on all the news and media outlets, it can seem further away than ever.

But that, actually, is why I think this inner call to serve the vision of Heaven on Earth is so persistent. Those of us living with the knowing of the reality of Heaven on Earth and cultivating an ever-expanding ability to live it right here and right now, right in the midst of all the chaos, can’t help but feel the deep desire to share it. Like any other good, yummy, delicious thing in your life, the experience of Heaven on Earth is just too wonderful to keep to yourself.

Not everyone is ready to co-create Heaven on Earth
Not everyone is ready to co-create Heaven on Earth

But sharing it properly is a BIG responsibility. The curious thing about Heaven on Earth is that it is available right now to everyone, and yet many are not ready to receive it. It is a little like being pregnant. The baby needs to gestate the full 9 months. Premature birth is not a good thing. You can ask someone “Would you like to develop the ability to co-create Heaven on Earth?” and a few will say “yes” but many more will say “Are you crazy?” (which usually means “no.”)

This image reflects the LOVE inherent in the phrase "Heaven on Earth"
This image reflects the LOVE inherent in the phrase “Heaven on Earth”

That is why I like the idea of a Heaven on Earth t-shirt. It doesn’t force anybody to do anything, but it quietly calls forth LOVE’s presence. This LOVE is so powerful, yet so respectful. It doesn’t intrude, it waits lovingly and patiently to be received. The image on the shirt reminds those of us who know we are consciously co-creating Heaven on Earth what we are here for, and offers LOVE’s presence to anyone who sees it, even if they are not conscious of what it is.

This morning I was imagining that there was a whole store full of Heaven on Earth t-shirts, with many different images so that there would be enough images so that one of them would appeal to pretty much everybody who is consciously serving this vision.

If you are an artist with images that invoke LOVE’s presence and you want to create a t-shirt to add to the collection please contact me at kvtilburg@gmail.com. I will be happy to partner with you!

Imagine seeing someone and knowing they are co-creating heaven on earth with you...
Imagine seeing someone and knowing they are co-creating heaven on earth with you…

I was imagining how cool it would be to go to the grocery and encounter someone else wearing a Heaven on Earth t-shirt, and know, without having to say anything, that you were both clear about who you are, and why you are here.

I don’t have a sports team affiliation, non-profit organization affiliation, and for the most part, I don’t wear t-shirts that have images that affiliate me with a cause. Typically that is not my “thing.”

But this is a circumstance where I gladly proclaim my affiliation to LOVE’s presence.

Yes: LOVE’s presence is constantly flowing through me. I stand for LOVE.

Yes: I take action daily to enhance LOVE’s presence and expand my capacity to allow its flow to move through me into the world.

Yes: I see LOVE’s expanding presence the world despite the fear, and disruption, and chaos.

Every day I see signs of transformation in the world...
Every day I see signs of transformation in the world…

Every day I hear more and more how LOVE is manifesting through individuals and groups with that specific intent. In fact, I see the all the disruption and chaos in the world as an indicator that LOVE’s presence is doing what it came here to do, which is support humanity to up-level their experience of LOVE and to create new reflections of this LOVE in all our public and private structures.

Of course, you don’t need a t-shirt to broadcast LOVE’s presence. It flows through your eyes into the eyes of another. It flows through your random acts of kindness and generosity. It flows through your compassionate response to what is occurring in your presence, no matter what the circumstances. It flows through your smile.

So you are whole, perfect, and complete! You don’t need a t-shirt! But if it might inspire you or you feel like announcing your affiliation with the Heaven on Earth team, then by all means, click here:


:Heaven on Earth

Michelle Obama Declares “There is Nothing You Can’t Do”

Watch this totally inspiring conversation between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey at the United State of Women Summit.

Oprah and Michelle Obama discuss knowing who you are, and how important it is to establish your identity consciously, rather than allowing others to tell you who you are.

“We have to invest time knowing who we are, and liking who we are.” Michelle Obama.

“There is nothing that makes me feel better than knowing I helped to change somebody’s life… And if you do that every day the haters and the doubters…none of that matters.” –Michelle Obama

Conscious Co-Creation: Birthing Your Divine Self Into Your Everyday Life

The abandoned baby was sleeping peacefully in a basket outside the door to the emergency room.
The abandoned baby was sleeping peacefully in a basket outside the door to the emergency room.

Anne doesn’t know who her mother was. Nor does she know who her father was, and she never will. Anne was found in a basket sitting outside the door to a hospital emergency room. Her tiny basket-bed was found by an EMT driver after he had delivered a man who was having a heart attack to the emergency room. He was sitting in his truck after completing the run, noticed the basket, and went to investigate. He found a tiny baby sleeping peacefully. Stunned, he picked up the basket and took it into the emergency room, leaving the abandoned baby with a speechless receptionist.

It isn’t hard to imagine that Anne has had many experiences of abandonment and betrayal in her life. She was adopted by a kind family, but her adopted dad died in a car accident when she was three years old. Her adopted mom was left alone to raise Anne, and she had to go to work, so Anne spent much of her early years in day care.

Lfe had been fraught by challenges and disappointments...
Life had been fraught with challenges and disappointments…

By the time Anne started to work with me she was 34 years old, a successful administrator in a local hospital, married and divorced twice and very unhappy with her life. “I’ll never be loved,” Anne wailed during our first call. She told me all about being left in a basket shortly after birth, and how her adoptive father died, and her mother worked all the time to make ends meet. She told me how she worked her way through college, marrying her first husband after her freshman year, but being divorced 2 years later when her husband became addicted to cocaine. He had drained their savings account behind her back to support his drug habit. Anne gave up on her marriage after a rehab counselor at her husband’s treatment facility told her that cocaine addicts did not give up cocaine easily. He told her that few were ever able to quit the drug for very long. He advised her to let go of her marriage and get on with her life.

Anne’s second husband was a very successful workaholic. They married after a whirlwind four week courtship, and Anne thought she had found her “happily ever after” prince. But once the infatuation phase of their romance dwindled, Anne found herself spending nights and weekends alone while her husband worked 80-100 hour weeks. She barely saw him. He didn’t even notice when she moved out of their home. When he did discover she had left him, he told her that their marriage had been a big mistake. He offered her a generous settlement so that they could be quickly and easily divorced, and Anne would have some money to live on while she established a new life for herself.

Who are You?
Who are You?

That is when Anne came to me. Despite the fact that many biological mothers are compelled by circumstance to give up their babies, and that giving them up is a sacrifice made in love, it is common for adopted children to believe they are unlovable. As Anne and I worked on her “inner game,” the structural belief system on which Anne was manifesting her life experience, massive shifts began to happen.

Through our work Anne began to experience that “still small inner voice” that is the expression of the Divine within. And a massive transformational shift occurred when Anne experienced firsthand that she is a unique expression of the Divine in this world. Anne came to know herself as an ambassador for LOVE. Rather than seeking love outside herself, Anne learned to connect and reconnect and reconnect yet again, all through the day, living as LOVE, rather than one who seeks LOVE.

5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

This is the power of co-creative self-expression. Instead of living a life seeking desires in the outer world, we need to learn to live as expressions of LOVE, allow LOVE’s transforming presence to move through us into the world. When you learn to live as a conscious co-creator with life all your desires become the triggers for you to open to receive the guidance you need to manifest these very desires. That is why I encourage you to download my checklist The 5 Keys to Conscious Co-creation. This checklist enables you to assess your co-creation skills, and discover where you are stuck in an identity which is unconsciously co-creating the disappointments and challenges you are facing in your life.

Key #1 is the ultimate stress reducer: eliminate exhaustion and overwhelm. Anne used this key to open to the still small voice of her Divine Self.

I know I have to make new choices if I want new outcomes....
I know I have to make new choices if I want new outcomes….

Key #2 makes change smooth and effortless. Anne used this key to transform the structure of her belief system, programming her inner game to win!

Key #3 causes anxiety to dissolve in mere seconds, allowing you to rest in the peace that passes all understanding. Anne allowed her new identity as a conscious co-creator to build trust in Life to be organizing for her success.

Key #4 reconnects you to your desires: your passion for living. Anne learned to allow her desires to become the “yellow brick road” to follow in her life journey.

Key #5 opens the door to the experience of beauty, and why you are desperate for it. Anne opened herself more and more to the wonder of each moment, and build a habit of gratitude to sustain her during challenges.

Click here to access this free checklist and open the doors to your co-creative talent

Relinquish fear and shine as a beacon of light, shining into a dark and chaotic world
Relinquish fear and shine as a beacon of light, radiating out into a dark and chaotic world….

As Anne and I worked together, and Anne’s ability to co-create with life was strengthened Anne’s life was transformed. Rather than living her life out of unconscious feelings of abandonment and betrayal, Anne began to choose to be a source of the endless flow of LOVE into the world. And as this new LOVE-filled identity became real for her, her inner light began to shine more and more brightly.

One day Anne felt an intuitive desire to go to the Wildflower Café for lunch. Anne had packed a lunch to eat in the office that day so it felt silly to leave it in the refrigerator and go out to eat alone, but Anne had learned to follow her inner guidance, so she decided to go out to eat after all. When she got to the restaurant it was crowded with the usual lunchtime crowd. But Anne’s attention was drawn to a table for two where a man was eating alone. He was not a stunningly handsome man, but there seemed to a light emanating from him. Although she could not see the light with her physical eyes, Anne felt herself being drawn to this man through her heart.

Drawn to each other through the radiance of their heart energies...
Drawn to each other through the radiance of their heart energies…

Surrendering to this intuitive knowing that she needed to connect with this man, Anne did a bold thing…she did something that prior to our work together she never would have done. She walked up to the man and asked if she could share his table. The man was very surprised, but the minute their eyes connected, Anne felt a tingling in her whole body. He, too, seemed to be experiencing some kind of jolt, and he slowly nodded his head for Anne to sit down.

His name was Ted, and they talked over lunch for more an hour. Finally Anne said that she had to leave to get back to work. Ted pulled his business card out of his suit pocket and handed it to Anne. He told her “I would really like it if you would call me to arrange a time for us to meet. I want very much for us to get together again.”

Anne called Ted that night after work. Again, this was an action that Anne would never have made prior to our working together. She just would not have been comfortable calling a man, even when that man had asked her to do so. She would not have had the self-confidence to make such a bold move. Her self-doubts would have talked her out of taking that next step.

Anne and Ted have been dating for several months now. They are slowly getting to know each other, and the more Anne learns about Ted, the more she cares for him. His values and her values are very much in alignment. They share common interests and goals. And they are exploring the possibility of being co-creative partners in life, sharing their highs as well as their lows.

Anne is ecstatic about all that life seems now to be bringing her. “I had no idea how my inner game was attracting people who fit my false beliefs about myself,” she told me. “I am so grateful to you, Kristin, for helping me discover how to consciously co-create my life!”

If you see the possibility for yourself to master the skill of conscious co-creation begin now by downloading my free checklist.

5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist
5 Keys to Conscious Co-Creation Checklist

Click here:  http://bit.ly/1pmVWuC




Conscious Co-Creation

We all have desires, and there are those who say that desire is the basis of suffering…that we should be free of desire to live a joyful life. But that is not my experience.

I discovered I still have dreams for a happy life....
I discovered I still have dreams for a happy life….

My experience is that life IS desire arising through the levels of my being, calling me forward into ever-expanding experiences of the beauty of life. So to try to detach from desire is basically trying to detach from life itself. Not recommended, although apparently it is the right choice for some.

But what I notice is helpful, is to not attempt to co-create my desires from a limited identity…my Kristin self. My Kristin self has too many stories about who she is to open to and allow these desires…to many reasons “why-not.”

The energy of co-creation is accessed through the purest sense of self as consciousness that you can enter. And it is the trust of pure consciousness, a sort of “set it and forget it” mentality that gives consciousness the fullest permission to alter your experience of reality.

Using these ideas with a playful spirit open your being to the greatest results…so have fun, and let me know how you are doing! I’ll be right beside you!