Today I Vote For LOVE

Today I vote for LOVE.

Unity 4I have such a deep and abiding appreciation for the diversity in this world. I have never sat on a committee or in a problem-solving group that did not benefit from the diversity of perspectives that come to bear on a situation or problem.

When we rise above the win/lose orientation to life and strive to look for those options that honor the deepest values of all those concerned we arrive at the best solutions.

Bring all your parts together
Bring all your parts together

Heaven on Earth arises from diversity in full expression. It is our lack of imagination that prevents us from seeing that there are solutions that lie beyond the “us versus them” mentality that seems so obvious. If you are right then I must be wrong, right?

What if the solution we both seek lies in a perspective where you are right and I am also right? Can we stretch our minds and hearts that far?

No matter what else you vote for today, could you also vote for LOVE?